Francesca Ricci

Francesca Ricci was born in Florence, Italy and lives and works in London. She graduated in Stage Design at the Fine Arts Academy in Florence.

Francesca comes from a classical and literary background, this combined with her stage design at the Arts Academy causes her work to often be project based. The work often relates to other fields of expression such as the written word, photography, the cinematic image and music, psychology and the esoteric.

Francesca is interested in the reciprocal contamination of disciplines, in the narrative potential of the image and the visual one of the word. Each body of work has a genesis and a concept of its own that develops organically as the work progresses. Francesca also often collaborates with writers and musicians to develop new work, developing concept-based and site specific projects. This means Francesca often works in a variety of media – this could be drawing, oil painting, mixed media work – integrating text, video and sound works or site specific pieces.

Francesca is interested in reworking familiar logos from the high street. By transforming this everyday imagery, constantly and forcefully imposed to our perception, she creates individual poetic responses. It is a reflection about creating an inner, intimate lyrical space within our daily reality, amongst the jungle of aggressive slogans, corporate branding and fast-paced technology of contemporary life.

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