Mark Fearbunce

Mark Fearbunce is interested in our tempting urge to compartmentalise our environments. We break up our time with the measurement of years and hours. We systemise our language into grammar and alphabet and we give physical space boundaries denoting ownership or use. We might do this as an attempt to take control or better our understanding, but seldom do we fully achieve complete control or understanding.

Mark’s work for Hide and Seek is Moby Dick – a school desk with it’s lid ajar. Peering into the gloom the work reveals repetitive, swirling shapes flowing around the belly of it’s interior. Are these the sea itself or hundreds of ships consumed by the leviathan, Moby Dick?

Moby Dick is inspired by the imaginative adventures of children whilst sat at their school desks. Classic tales like Melville’s Moby Dick, are of a past era, like the desk itself. This cultural nostalgia is coupled with a more tangible childhood phenomenon of the application of used chewing gum to the underside of school desks. The silicone inside Moby Dick is reminiscent of this.

The work also uses Mark’s personal memories of childhood to heighten the authenticity of the nostalgia. He has a distinct recollection of his grandmother teaching him to make paper boats from sweet wrappers to while away the hours of a long car journey. The work aims to use the combination of nostalgic, universal and personal connections to the desk as a catalyst for viewers to enter their own imaginative journey.

Mark Fearbunce is curating Disordering Chaos for Fringe Arts Bath –

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