Sophie Walker

Sophie Walker creates hand-carved wooden sculptures in original designs that are elegantly simplistic yet approachable and inviting.

Sophie is concerned with creating safe, protective spaces that one could metaphorically crawl into. In each piece she explores different of the need to conceal, whether that is making a soft, sheltering environment, or a space that explores growing confidence – where the insides are no longer protected by a door, but by ‘shadow sticks’.

Sophie draws inspiration from archaeological objects and tools; items that might once have been found in 18th century ‘Cabinets of Curiosity’. The function of many such objects has now been lost to time, but they still manage to resonate in the mind as having had a purpose. They look familiar, but unfathomable. It’s these feelings that Sophie aims to emulate with her work – seeing something new and intriguing that is also comforting and reassuring. Feeling excited to wonder and discover what exactly this new thing does.

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