Adam Garratt

Adam Garratt creates suspended nylon drawings in unnoticed void spaces, hiding his installations in plain sight.

Adam is a multi-disciplined artist, often confined to creating small works in books or small framed collages. He is always interested in the opportunity to expand his work on a bigger scale, whether by traditional means or by using free advertising outdoor public space.

Adam’s works are tacked to surfaces, be it wall, floor or plinth, and span across a space to another surface. Adams work can be described as drawings in space, installations, sculptures perhaps even collage. The pieces often begin as a traditional drawing or plan and are transposed into an environment, typically evolving into a geometric form. Red and black is very present within Adam’s work and he takes great influence from Fibonacci sequence, squares and lines.

His site based works have included the central space in stair wells, above door frames and in corridor spaces. The use of unexpected areas of the space causes a change in flow of an audience, they may stop in awkward places or adjust their posture to see the work from a different perspective.

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