Alexandra Davies

Alexandra Davies’ work explores the relationship we have with our thoughts and memories and how this feeds into our everyday lives. She is primarily interested in how nature and our surroundings can effect our thought processes. Alexandra creates mixed media art works, such as illustrations, dyeing, stitching and up-cycling. She has recently focused on using these mediums to create artist books in order to convey her feelings about the world.

Alexandra works very intimately with small objects, largely nature based, often collecting and gathering the material herself. By working small she portrays the fragmented and often fleeting interactions we have with our memories. The fascination she has with creating artists book stems from the feeling that once the work is complete, it can be sheltered and protected, enclosed into something that can only be seen by those she wishes to share it with.

Alexandra’s work for Hide and Seek is titled Chaos. It consists of two small leather hand stitched artist books. The insides are adorned with fragments of a pine cone, individually stuck to the casing in four rows of thirteen. The work demonstrates a physical deconstruction with her own curiosity regarding nature and the world we live in. The work is the result of her personal exploration into the enchanting structure of a pine cone. It is also used to metaphorically indicate the layers we need within our lives – to form a cohesive structure to our routine.

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