Elanor Arwen Callender

Elanor Callender creates work which explores the fragile relationship between extremes, rich and poor, rough and soft. She places these contrasting materials together to soften and layer upon each other, creating balance and harmonious eclectic detail.

Elanor is interested in transforming material into something precious by playing with colour and combining fabrics. She uses silks, muslin, cotton, chiffon, cheesecloth and net, embellishing and embroidering into them. She enjoys creating needle lace; trapping found objects into the piece – transforming the neglected and forgotten. Turning the mundane into something beautiful, fuses or eyelets become small treasures.

For Hide and Seek Elanor created an ethereal child’s headdress incorporating found objects that have been hidden and tarnished by time. The work puts sentiment on this eclectic mix of found objects, presenting them as a collection symbolic of memories and old thoughts saved for a later date. Elanor is exploring her interest in the relationship between tones and textures with this work.

Using natural forms such as sticks and feathers with metal and fabrics. Elanor’s piece is entitled Sitala, meaning good memory. The piece is a dedication and a celebration of the life of the baby she lost in her womb. The piece uses found metal objects such as old fuses, buckles, buttons and zips which are caught in textiles – representing the caught memories trapped in time. The piece looks at memories and moments that can be etched in your mind and later unravelled – understood more than when they were first conceived. The piece began when Elanor was unknowingly with baby, intuitively deciding to create a child’s headdress. With the loss of her baby Elanor considers the piece a gift from the baby to keep her strong and give her purpose. The piece is symbolic of moments to treasure and represents something truly precious.

Elanor describes the work as ‘fragile and small but with a precious golden magic of a body gone but a spirit still very much alive’.

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