Reiss McGuinness

Reiss is a photographer and poet living in Bath. His photography practice involves dark and surreal images that portray estrangement and otherness. His poetry often deals with the politic and nature of the world, his haiku with hesitation, nostalgia and mistakes.

Reiss has a particular fascination with haiku and is interested in spreading and sharing its values to all he can. Haiku interests him for its curious quality, never telling the reader what to think or feel. It’s brevity allows so much to be thought after it has been read. Haiku allows a reader to participate in the creation of its meaning.

Reiss is also interested in encouraging other poets to write in this little known, scarcely written form. To give haiku more coverage, and more importantly, correct coverage. Haiku’s true form is hidden, if someone even find that it exists in the first place.

Reiss McGuinness

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