Sophie Erin Cooper

Born in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, and now living in Bath, England. Sophie Erin Cooper graduated from Bath School of Art and Design in 2013, having studied Fine Art BA(Hons).

Sophie creates works that centre around an ethereal aesthetic, playing with natural forms, paint, graphite and fine pens. She is attracted to both expressive and intricate mark making, exploring these separately and combined. Sophie’s fascination with the fragile and dreamlike mostly involves the use of soft colours and distorting imagery into a new visual language. Her work is fluid and subtle, aiming to grasp a pleasant curiosity.

Interested in creative curating and displaying work in unconventional ways, Sophie explores this through wall drawings, window paintings and extending works beyond their frame. This also connects with her explorations into temporary artwork; site specific installations and ephemeral works – She is interested in art as an experience.

Creating artwork for Sophie is a form of play, resulting in many outcomes. She is interested in composing self contained pieces, whilst others will peek out of corners or spill across walls and floors theatrically. She is intrigued by immersing the viewer as well as only giving them a glimpse.

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