Sveta Antonova

Sveta Antonova is interested in the subject of written language and its meaning. Her practice is often described as collapsing and whispering, despite the solid and strong materials, she aims for a paradoxical perception.

Using perspex, resin, labels and metal she creates an alien state in her works, which is distanced from emotion or warmth. Each piece dissociates itself from the viewer, but the more one interacts with the words within the installations, sculptures and performances, the more personal they become.

Sveta is exhibited a labeling work ‘we said’ and ‘wire piece 23’ for Hide and Seek. The wire piece hides its wording within its own form whilst the labels hide in plain sight.

‘We said’ began as a performance piece at the opening of Fringe Arts Bath, resulting in a tangible pattern of nearly non-visible labels on the wall. Sveta moved around the space with a portable labeling machine, as used in offices and archives – printing on the spot. She created labels from visitors conversations and commentary on their interactions with their surroundings. Collecting the subjective scraps of conversations around the room, these labels then became a piece to reflect the interconnections of what was said in the room. As invisible as the connections between many conversations and expressions can be, the labels themselves are printed to not be visible instantly.

Her ‘wire piece’ series started in 2013 and is ongoing – based on appropriated writing on the topics of linguistics and social paradoxes. A ‘wire piece’ tricks the viewers perception in not remembering what was just read, as well as trying to depict a maze which translates writing into a sculptural form of drawing.

Sveta Antonova curated The Manifesto of the Wall for Fringe Arts Bath –


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