Theo Wood

Theo Wood creates works that follow the themes of repetition of form and cycles of time, taking inspiration from the natural world. This satisfies her obsession with counting, grids, placements and containment.

Theo is an Associate Member of the HATCH drawing group (part of the PLaCE International network based in UK at Dundee University) and affiliated to Spike Print Studio, Bristol.

The Museum of Space Exploration is an ongoing artist project as context for the development of Theo’s new works. The key influences for this are science fiction writing and films including Doris Lessing, Arthur C Clarke, Philip K Dick and JJ Abrams.

Theo is interested in the idea of future archaeology; ‘stuff’ existing or being created in the far future and then discovered. She is interested in the imagined history of these objects and their maker, and the elements of alternate worlds, culture and artefact that plays into this.

For Hide and Seek Theo exhibited ‘The Collection’ – a wooden chest of drawers containing retro spaceship parts made from porcelain. She also exhibited ‘Magnified Listening’ consisting of ceramic ears which were hidden around the space. This work looks into her interest in deep and focused listening and how whilst technology allows us to listen to many different types of sonic activity the same technology can listen to us. This work also asks how often do we listen with our whole selves to be truly aware of individual soundscapes.

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