Hide and Seek

Curated by Sophie Erin Cooper
Logo and poster design by Lloyd Evans Designs
Publication by Francesca Ricci

Hide and Seek Exhibition // 22nd May – 7th June 2015

An exhibition of hidden works displayed in unexpected areas of the space and it’s furnishings. In a variety of mediums these innovative pieces will intrigue and surprise you. An exhibition to heighten your attention to detail, bring out your playful side and keep you curious.

Hide and SeekFrom textiles to text, altered found objects, sculptural works and drawings. Whilst some pieces interact with their surroundings others obscure the mundane into something intriguing. One piece might open up to tell you a story, another will leave you guessing.

Think what’s hiding in that drawer? What’s on the ceiling? What is in that box? Hide and Seek displays an eclectic mix of curious works that touch on collection, nostalgia and making sense of the world. From the beautiful to the the thought provoking.

These hidden works aim to tickle and surprise you, bring out your playful side and keep your curious. The exhibition aims to reawaken a childlike wonder to discover a variety of innovative works. Although some pieces will be concealed, others will hide in plain sight – inviting visitors to take a closer look. This is an exhibition to heighten your attention to detail and take in the depths of your surroundings.

How much do we miss in our daily lives? Do we pay attention to our surroundings? Hide and Seek engages with the viewer, inviting you to seek something others might miss. In a world so saturated with imagery, the internet feeding us art in a few clicks – I am interested in making our physical interaction with art an interesting one.poster

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